Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pantheon vs Jayce - No question

Our Team:

Shyvana Jungle, Twisted Fate Mid, Tristana ADC, Nunu Support, Pantheon Top

Their Team:

Jayce Top, Nunu Jungle, Annie Mid, Taric Support, Miss Fortune ADC

So I had a tough lane against Jayce.  And I tried too hard, I should have been more passive, wasn't really sure if I could be aggressive or not.  Clearly I couldn't.

Anyway, one thing lead to another and they snowballed us hard.  I did the worst, IMHO, but it's over so that's what matters now.

Pantheon - 3/10/10
Twisted Fate - 9/9/7
Shyvana - 15/8/6
Nunu - 0/6/17
Tristana - 4/9/11

0-1 for my Promotional Series

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